Jack Dalrymple’s crooked pasta gets its due

"Best Choice" Spaghetti

Whatever happened to affordable local pasta?

Dakota Growers Pasta was an honest, farmer-owned outfit once.  You could get 2 pounds of spaghetti in a box for a fair price — a price that was cheaper in North Dakota than anywhere else in the world.

But somewhere along the line, Jack Dalrymple and other hollow-hearted business suits got hold of it and started selling pasta big-city style, giving it away on The Price is Right and other nonsense, and making the ridiculous claim that Dreamfields whole wheat pasta was almost entirely indigestible.

Dakota Growers Pasta suddenly crept up the aisle — what was once the affordable 75-cent box suddenly became a $3 luxury, and that was when Dakota Growers Pasta left my diet for good.

Some consumers may get their money back from all the lies told about Dreamfields over the years.  But North Dakotans like myself who used to buy local and get a local price will never get their pasta co-op back.

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