TV stations KBRR, KCGE down

Doing on over-the-air scan this afternoon, KBRR and KCGE appear to be transmitting, but without any video feed.  Oddly, KGFE is transmitting normally.  According to FCC records, KBRR and KCGE share the same transmitter tower (along with KGFE).

We’ve recently had a major winter storm come through, so I doubt it’s maintenance work.  To speculate, there may be a partial loss of power at the transmitter, partial equipment damage, or a problem with the fiber line or microwave feeds.

UPDATE Jan 14:  The outage was bigger than just KBRR and KCGE; KMDE was also down, along with service to two cable systems.  John Peterson of Prairie Public was kind enough to provide this bit of information on what to took to fix the problem, an equipment failure in Fargo:

Sometime Saturday afternoon we had a piece of equipment fail. In addition to the KCGE signal, we transport the KBRR signal from Fargo to the Euclid transmitter site. The piece of equipment that allows us to combine the two signals failed. There was no indication on the front panel of the offending piece to indicate a problem so it took a bit to track down the problem. Once we determined the problem we were able to install a spare and return the signal to KCGE and KBRR. This outage also affected our Devils Lake KMDE channel 25 transmitter and direct feeds to Polar Communication and Sjoberg Cable in Thief River Falls. Programming was returned at about 4:10 pm.