Ig Electron, an interesting concept in education

ig-1Ig Electron has an ambitious concept: Online Learning on common Maker topics, while also offering in-person training.  TheLab.ms got a sneak preview at the December membership meeting, where we went through the basic design process, and got the wheels turning about all the dimensions of a modern engineering project. It’s just a taste of what 2016 may hold.

It’s early on for the brand, but the hope is folks will be interested in a personal touch, in the form of an intensive boot camp, where the head engineer personally gives you the kind of hands-on training you need to get up to speed on various makerverse topics, like coding, circuit design, and so forth, over a short span of time. No need to bring your own Arduino, all the equipment you need will be provided, so you can hit the ground running.

iglogo Speaking of the brand, Ig Electron has a pretty fancy, Star Trek meets The Smith Chart logo, a fine example of what three days of design work can get you on the Hacker Heraldry front. Mad props for that! I look forward to seeing the site take shape in the coming year.